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Student Development Programs in Markham

At ACE Academic Centre 4 Excellence in Markham, we understand that your child’s success is our success. Whether your child needs help with reading, reading comprehension, grammar, writing, or math, we have the training and curriculum to help improve your child’s grades and confidence.


Help With Reading

We have an over 95% success rate for teaching children to learn to read using the Orton-Gillingham program, which uses all of a child’s senses to achieve positive results. This program was originally designed for dyslexic individuals, but it works across the board.


Help With Language Processing, Central Auditory Processing, and Memory

Working memory, short-term memory, and visual/auditory memory can all be addressed and improved through cognitive therapy. Working closely with you and your child we can also address attention issues through the use of listening exercises that strengthen focused listening skills.


We have had much success helping children overcome Central Auditory Processing Disorder using cognitive therapy as well as receptive language processing skills practice.


Help With Math Skills

We cover math instruction for grades 1 through 8. For math instruction, we use a TouchMath system that bypasses the mere memorization of the facts. This system has been proven to be fast, easy, and highly efficient. We teach all the fundamental skills to build strong mathematics foundation. Our experience in the past few years is that many students are very weak in these areas and require additional help from our qualified instructors.

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