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Kind Words from Our Satisfied Markham Parents

Formerly Markham Reading & Language Centre, ACE Academic Centre 4 Excellence has been operating for over 15 years changing the lives of students and their families. Our work is more than a job; it is a passion. Through our various educational programs, we have helped improve the academic performance of many students, from grades 1 through 8.

Reference letters are on file in our office and part of our informational packets, but the following testimonials have been quoted from both former and current clients. If you would like to discuss how we can help your child reach his or her maximum learning potential, please give us a call.

Boosted My Son’s Confidence

“I can’t tell you how ecstatic we are over David’s progress! It was such a confidence booster for David.” – Lena and Terry

Always There for Us

“When we came seeking your advice, you were always there for us willing to listen and recommend the right action plan. You went over and above the call of duty.” (This boy was assessed by the school board as developmentally delayed and told he would not graduate from secondary school. We knew the assessment was not entirely accurate, and that he could indeed graduate. He is doing well at Seneca. He is working part-time with the Raptors.) – Ashraf and Irena

My Daughter Has Made Remarkable Improvements

“My daughter, Hailey, has been a student of Kim Underwood’s for a year and a half. In this time we have seen incredible improvement both academically and personally. On her final report for grade six, her teacher stated that Hailey had made remarkable improvements, even surprising herself. Hailey immediately took to Miss Kim with her gentle, kind, and patient manner. I attribute Hailey’s success to Kim’s teaching and highly recommend her." –Laurie

Kim’s Reading Program Has Really Helped My Son

“Andrew was tested at the school but was unable to determine his problem. Kim found the problem was two patterns of dyslexia that are quite mild. Kim’s reading program has really helped Andrew. His speech was picked to represent his class. He is very happy and eager to go to school now. His report card at Christmas was his best ever, not only in marks, but in comments made as well.” – Donna

Kim Believed in My Son

“Kim had a very difficult task. It wasn’t only the enormity of the material that she had to cover with Evan but it was the timid and discouraged child who felt like a failure. Evan immediately took a liking to Kim. She had a gentle and patient way with him. She also believed in Evan and his abilities. In a very short time, my son gained new confidence in himself. Evan received an award from his school naming him “The Most Improved Student”. Evan’s marks were in the 80’s and 90’s. Kim has impacted Evan’s life in a special way.” – Tina and Paul

Substantial Improvement Communicating and Comprehending

“It has been seven months now that our daughter Connie has been your student in the Cognitive Therapy Program and therefore, felt it was a good time to express our appreciation and gratitude. When Connie first came to you, she was struggling to complete her thoughts and her sentences. Processing information/words was very difficult for her. Since she has been training with you, we have noticed a substantial improvement in her communication and comprehension abilities. She very much enjoys working with you and has never once complained that she didn’t feel like going to her sessions.” – Lillian

My Children’s Writing Anxiety Is Gone

“I was referred to Kim by a friend whose daughter was struggling with learning disabilities and school anxiety. My friend was very happy with the results Kim was achieving and I decided to give Kim a try. It was not until my sons went to Kim’s centre that they were able to overcome their difficulties and blossom as writers. Before going to Kim, one of my children handed in blank sheets for written work. Now he regularly gets 4’s and 4+’s on written assignments in Grade 8. In addition, the anxiety about writing is gone. Whenever I mention Kim in the community, people always have positive things to say and Markham Reading & Language Centre has an excellent reputation.” – Dianne

You Inspired Confidence in My Son

“During our very first discussion you were able to inspire confidence that there would be a solution to Eric’s learning issues with respect to reading and writing. Your ability to take the lengthy and complicated psychologist’s report and translate it into common terms was very helpful to us. Eric’s reading and writing has improved significantly. His confidence level is higher. He didn’t even realize how much he was learning during your sessions with him because you make the learning fun. You have very high moral, professional and ethical standards, and we would recommend you to assist any learning development situation.” – Nick and Grace

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